Smile Gallery

Dentist in Hanover

The following photo gallery features before and after images of cases completed here at Smiles on Broadway.

Esthetic composite restoration to repair damaged tooth

Hanover-PA-Dentist-1    Dentist-Hanover-PA-1

Anterior crowns cover and strengthen weakened and discolored teeth

Dentist-Hanover-3    Dentist-Hanover-PA-3

Central incisor implant, composite bonding and porcelain bonding to restore tooth.

Hanover-Dentist-1       Dentist-Hanover-1

Dentist-in-Hanover-1       Dentist-in-Hanover-PA-1

Porcelain veneers correct size, position and color of anterior teeth

Dentist-Hanover-2     Dentist-Hanover-PA-2

Dental implant replacing missing maxillary lateral incisor

Dentist-in-Hanover-3     Dentist-in-Hanover-PA-3

Dental implant replacing missing maxillary central incisor

Hanover-Dentist-3     Hanover-PA-Dentist-3