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Good oral hygiene habits are essential to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. What you might not know is that research has found the health of your mouth actually mirrors the overall condition of your body. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, there is a direct relationship between gum disease and many serious health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The good news is, research also shows that good oral health may actually help prevent certain diseases from occurring. 

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Understanding the mouth/body connection 

Poor oral habits can cause bacteria to build up on your teeth, making your gums more prone to disease and infection. When that happens, your immune system goes to work attacking the infection, leading to inflammation and gum disease, also known as periodontitis. Left untreated, periodontitis and chronic inflammation can wreak havoc on the rest of your body, leading to a host of health problems. Thankfully, this “worst-case-scenario” is easily preventable. Here’s what you can do to elevate your oral hygiene habits and keep unwanted health concerns at bay: 

  • Our dentist in 17331 recommends to brush twice a day for at least two minutes using a soft-bristled brush. Be sure to choose a toothbrush that is the right size for your mouth so you can reach back teeth easily. If you have any questions about which toothbrush we recommend for you, you can ask our office during your appointment. 
  • Remember to replace your toothbrush every three or four months. 
  • Choose an American Dental Association-approved fluoride toothpaste to keep teeth free from decay. 
  • Floss daily to remove tooth decay-causing bacteria that tend to linger between teeth. Regular flossing also helps remove plaque under the gumline and minimize your risk of contracting gum disease. 
  • Eat a healthy diet that limits sugary beverages and snacks. 
  • Avoid cigarettes and other tobacco products, which are known to contribute to gum disease and oral cancer. 

In addition to maintaining good daily oral health habits, seeing your dentist regularly is one of the best ways to keep your mouth – and your body – healthy. These exams allow our Hanover, PA dental team to monitor any changes to your teeth and gums and make recommendations that will help you avoid future health problems. Call our dental office in Hanover, PA today to schedule a dental exam.

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Easy Flossing Alternatives to Preserve Your Healthy Smile | Dentist Hanover, PA

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If there is one recommended dental habit that many people struggle to embrace, it’s flossing.
Whether you find traditional thread flossing challenging to maneuver, messy, or just time
consuming, you are not alone. However, The American Dental Association (ADA) and our office
want you to be able to floss regularly and thoroughly. Consider these effective alternatives to
remove unwanted plaque from the places your toothbrush simply can’t reach.

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1.) Disposable Floss Pick
These convenient little tools have plastic handles and Y-shaped prongs that come pre-threaded
with floss. No measuring, snipping or finger threading required. Ideal for travel and on-the-go
use, simply grab the handle, insert the floss between your teeth, and when done, toss the tool

2.) Non-Disposable Floss Picks
Fashioned with a longer handle than their disposable counterparts, these picks may be an
excellent option for patients with small mouths and/or crowded teeth. They also help to make
reaching back teeth a breeze.

3.) Water Flossers
Electronic flossers use streams of pressurized water to clean between your teeth. There are
many different models to accommodate price preferences, and most offer adjustable pressure
settings to ensure your comfort during use.

4.) Interdental Brushes
Designed to look like tiny toothbrushes, interdental brushes are especially effective for those
who wear braces. They are also a nice option for patients with mobility issues who struggle with
traditional flossing. Another plus? Like toothbrushes they can be used repeatedly – simply ask
our office when we recommend replacement.

5.) Air Flossers
These high-tech tools use air pressure combined with a small amount of water to keep teeth
and gums clean and healthy. Considered to be less messy than their water-based cousins, air
flossers offer easy point and click instructions – just aim the flosser between your teeth and a
blast of air does the rest.

Keeping the spaces between your teeth and gums free from plaque and tartar is essential to
your oral health. Finding tools and techniques that work for you is the first step towards
establishing lifelong habits that lead to a lasting, healthy smile. Consider any of these flossing
alternatives or call our office for a recommendation. Our team will be happy to evaluate your
unique needs to help you find the solution that is right for you.

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