Dentist in Hanover, PA

3M™ True Definition Scanner – No Impression Needed!
The Dentist in Hanover, PA now utilizes 3M True Definition Scanner for digital impressions. Because the 3M True Definition Scanner is small and lightweight, the handheld device allows us to scan the inside of your mouth and teeth, more easily and accurately. With the 3M True Definition Scanner, we are able to create well fitted restorations.

Sirona Pan and Gendex Sensors / Digital X-Rays
At our office, we utilize Sirona Pan and Gendex sensors/ digital x-rays. Our new radiographs will allow us to take x-rays more quickly while emitting less radiation. For more information on our digital x-ray system, please contact our office.

Straumann® Implants
A dental implant is a great long-term solution to consider for tooth loss. At our office, we provide Straumann® Implants which are made of titanium/zirconia alloy and are stronger than titanium alone. They are also designed to be a reliable, well-fitted restoration.

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